Monday, January 26, 2009

Retirement is . . .

having time to read the poetry on the seats along the Boyne Walk at Newtown, Trim. These seats were installed last year and each has a short extract from a poem. Trim businessman and local newsletter contributor, Matt Gilsenan, recently pointed out the source of the poetry. It was written by the famous mathematician, Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805 – 1865) who though born in Dublin lived most of his early days in Trim. Hamilton was very interested in poetry and was friendly with William Wordsworth and Maria Edgeworth.

The poetry on the seat above comes from a sonnet written as he was returning to Ireland.

" My native land, appear! these eyes await
Impatiently thy rising over the bare
Expanse of waters; fondly searching where
Thy fair but hidden form lingers so late..
In thee my homeward thoughts still claim their share,
My hear, my life, to thee are dedicate."

Trim has a Hamilton Place housing estate.

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