Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Famous Irishmen : 1930 Competition:

This is an advertisement from the Irish Times, 14 November 1930, bearing the result of a competition held by the Ristol Oil Company. (No information about this company on the internet). It seems that entrants had to nominate the most famous Irishman (Was there another competition for most famous Irishwomen? - Presumably not) .

Noticeable in the list of famous Irishmen is the lack of politicians and rebels and the number of writers. Also the high position achieved by Wellington. The centenary of Catholic Emancipation had taken place in 1929 and that might explain O'Connell's eminence. I presume that this competition was carried in all newspapers and was not confined to Irish Times readers.

At least two Meath connections - Wellington and Swift. Wellington may have been born in the family's house at Dangan Castle between Trim and Summerhill and Swift held the living of Laracor also between Trim and Summerhill for a time. Opportunity for a plug for our Swift Satire competition and for the Trim Swift Festival.

Among the winners notice two from Coolaney, Co Sligo.

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