Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry Ireland Introductions

I got my "Sorry" email from Poetry Ireland a couple of days ago. I entered a collection for their Introductions series but was unsuccessful. A very nice email rejection in fact:

Thank you for your submission to the Poetry Ireland Introductions series 2010. I regret to say you have been unsuccessful this year. As always, we have received a large volume of applicants for a limited number of places. The choice by an independent judge was based on the quality of the work alongside a proven record of publication in recognised journals. I hope this will not deter you from applying again. Please note that successful applicants have often applied a number of times before being included in the series.

Wishing you well in your work and your writing.

Many competitions don't inform the unsuccessful entrants and some don't put their results on the internet. Trust Poetry Ireland to do it well. I don't know who has been successful except for Peter Goulding who is a good friend of Boyne Writers and who has mentioned it in his blog. Well done Peter!

Only one competition left to tie up from 2009, the WOW Awards. Shortlist in the next few days according to the website.

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Unknown said...

Don't worry, Michael; it took me a few goes before I got accepted in 2005 - and who knows what next year might hold :) Your letter sounds nicely phrased too, just enough encouragement.

Great news for Peter too :)