Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boyne Readings and Open Mic

We are in for a treat this Thursday at our Readings, not one poet, not two poets but THE POETRY DIVAS!

The Poetry Divas are a glittery (and glittering) group of well published women poets. They are very well known and respected on the poetry circuit and have read at various festivals and events around the country including Electric Picnic, CastlePalooza, Flat Lake, Body and Soul, Uisneach, Glor and Caca Milis cabaret.

The members include Kate Dempsey, Maeve O'Sullivan, Triona Walsh and Barbara Smith but each lineup and show is different, blended to the occasion. They have guaranteed a deliciously infectious show that's bound to touch a nerve and blur the wobbly boundaries between page and stage.

The talented Kate Dempsey, a well-known blogger, was a solo reader at a previous Knightsbridge reading and made a big impression. Since then she has won the prestigious Plough Prize in the UK.

The Boyne Readings and Open Mic take place in the Coffee Shop (just inside the main door), Knightsbridge Retirement Village, Longwood Road, Trim at 8pm this Thursday 19 May.

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