Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy, Busy

In Sligo all day on Thursday (or was it Wednesday? No, Wednesday I was in Knightsbridge Retirement Home reading poetry) on a final (or nearly final) search for photographs for The Book. I got some wonderful ones, thanks to Sligo Library and some new and newly found relations. Photographs aren't easy to come by for Sligo 1912-1923 and many have been printed many times already. We prefer images not published before.

Trying to write The Conclusion, 2,000 words or so to sum up the period, as if that was possible. A rough draft done and sometimes as with poetry on second look the rough draft seems much better than you first thought. The target? All finished in two weeks. Finished is an uncertain term, there will be revision, rewriting etc afterwards of course.

And Boyne Berries? Presently the calm in the centre of the storm. It's with the printers who never failed us before. The venue is booked, the launcher, Peter Fallon, is primed and we have a rough idea of which contributors will attend. Galway launch is new territory for us but it's in the capable hands of Kevin Higgins so no worries there.

Hunky Dorys Park, Drogheda last night to see Sligo Rovers continue their push for the title. Today fundraising for Hope foundation's work in Kolkata (Calcutta) in Dunderry, Co. Meath.
And did I hear something about minding a grandchild on Monday?

It's great to be retired and have nothing to do!!

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