Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Irish Revolution, 1912-23 Series - Sligo

Things are moving fast as regards my history book for Four Courts Press. I submitted a draft manuscript before going to Australia. One of my editors has read it and returned it with an amount of praise and a small number of suggestions as regards improvements.

He has also made quite a number of corrections, imposition of the publisher's house style etc and has cut about 1,500 words. This is great! I'm now doing the final (well probably penultimate) editing, adopting the editor's changes, dealing with his suggestions and cutting where I can.

Maps are being prepared and the image for the cover has been chosen. Pictures to include are being finalised (sorry, Four Courts Press house style insists on z -) finalized.

We expect the process to be completed by March 2012 and the book to be published as planned in winter 2012. My volume on Sligo will be the first in this important series and I'll be thrilled to see it published!

Word count at the moment: 71,104. Target: 70,000.


Words A Day said...

and good luck skimming off those last 1,104 words!

Connie Roberts said...

Congratulations, Michael. That's great news.
Good luck with the final edit.

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Niamh and Connie!