Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goldsmith International Festival - Poetry Competition

This is always an enjoyable festival to attend. The outdoor reading near Goldsmith's birthplace in Longford on the Sunday is usually great featuring two well-known poets and readings by the poetry prizewinners as well. Above: Richard Halperin reading three years ago. I've had some success in the past in the competition, getting placed on two occasions. 

You can find some details of this year's event and an entry form for the competition on the website. Poems must be unpublished and no more than 35 lines long.

This years' festival will be held on the weekend of 1-3 June and the theme is Citizens of the World - What can my country do for me?


Emerging Writer said...

Hi Michael

I can't see any mention of a prize. Is it purely for the glory?

Michael Farry said...

No mention of a prize but I got a cheque each time I was placed in the competition.

Emerging Writer said...

Ah! Good to know