Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sligo Rovers - Manchester United

Great day in Sligo yesterday. Sligo Field Club annual Summer Conference celebrating 400 years of the Borough of Sligo; great speakers and lots of friendly faces. I did sneak away for a couple of hours to watch Sligo Rovers beat Shamrock Rovers 3-0. Always great to beat Shams but 3-0! That's special.

Jessica's report here.

Today thinking of another soccer team which also plays in red. In honour of the day that's in it, and the probable football results in England, here's a link to my United poem which is included in my forthcoming collection.

A supporter since the Munich crash of 1958, I've been to Old Trafford only once.
Poet, George Szirtes, wrote recently about his support for United, more eloquently than I could.

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Peter Goulding said...

Ha! Never realised Jessica wrote for Extra Time, Great win, incidentally.