Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Battle of the Books - Trim Swift Festival

And also on Sunday as part of the Bite Of Satire: Sunday lunch + extras is the annual Battle of the Books. This is the third year of this satirical writing and delivering competition between our Boyne Writers Group and the Meath Writers Circle. We won the first one, they the second and we won last year.

The opposition more or less self-destructed last year with their timing completely off. There is a strict time limit with transgressions punished by loss of marks. Their satire was very good but some pieces were far too long and they lost lots of marks.

I'm sure they will have everything finely tuned this year and I expect them to win easily. Ah well! We are finalizing our team on Thursday night. Teams have been reduced from four to three this year so we may have to have a vote to select our three.

The photo above, showing the rival captains Tommy Murray and myself, was staged as publicity for the original contest and has been reused in this year's brochure. Tommy has been giving little away on his blog.

The Battle of the Books is part of Sunday's A Bite Of Satire: Sunday lunch + extras. For €20  you get a 2-course Sunday lunch PLUS the annual Battle of the Books PLUS the Five Fives drama competition for five 5-minute plays PLUS a chance to see the specially restored version of the 1939 full-length animated film, Gulliver’s Travels, which will be given a private showing in the Cinemobile immediately after the lunch event.

Not to be missed - book your tickets online!

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