Monday, August 27, 2012

Late August Blooms

This has been the best August display in our garden for a couple of years I think. It must be because of the poor weather with the plants thriving on the rain.

I don't remember the Hydrangea ever producing so many flowers. It was actually in danger of being dumped for lack of display but has certainly earned a reprieve.

The Gladioli were planted two years ago I think and were a surprise when they emerged again this year. The Japanese Anemone has done very well every year and threatens to take over. Some cutting back after flowering I think.

I did cut back the Rudbekia last year and the display is much less impressive this year. It should recover by next year. The Cosmos I bought to fill the gap when the Oriental Poppies finished has done well and is still producing flowers.

And of course in the background the Nasturtiums in the old rusty wheelbarrow are putting on a great show.

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