Monday, November 26, 2012

Poetry Divas in Dundalk plus a Special Guest!

How did I get involved in this?

The Poetry Divas, well known for their performances at readings and festivals around the country, are performing in Dundalk IT on Wednesday, 28 November from 6.30-8.15pm. But this time the Poetry Divas are including a Divo!!!

The Poetry Divas have performed at many festivals this year including the Festival of the Fires, Liss Ard and the Electric Picnic festivals. The Divas on this occasion are Triona Walsh, Kate Dempsey, Barbara Smith and Michael Farry.

Oh dear! It actually seemed like a very good idea at the time, a bit of fun. Now it seems just terrifying. What to wear? OMG!

Writer in Residence Ferdia Mac Anna is hosting the event at the Mac Anna Theatre which will be followed by  a question and answer session. For more information contact Ferdia at

More here (with pictures - spot the odd one out!).


Connie Roberts said...

You're going to look great in a boa, Michael. Have fun!

Michael Farry said...

There will be photographs afterwards I'm sure!!! Thanks Connie.

Words A Day said...

there must be photos, I've never seen a DIVO! I'm pretty sure leather, satin and a snake are a must? Have a ball!

Emerging Writer said...

We have an elaborate initiation ritual already planned. Be wary. Be very wary and wear black

Michael Farry said...

Great Kate, really looking forward to it now!