Friday, December 28, 2012

Sligo: The Irish Revolution 1912-23, A Review

The Irish Story website has a detailed review of my history book by John Dorney. In general it's a positive review, calling the book "useful" and praising much of the material. He is somewhat dissatisfied with my analysis of the Civil War however mentioning the anti-Treaty majority in Sligo in the election of 1922. I think I have made clear my belief that this majority has more to do with the geographical spread of the candidates that pro- or anti-Treaty stances.

He also has a few other criticisms of the book but in a volume of 70,000 words on such a long and eventful period it's difficult to be comprehensive so I have no problem with that and certainly have no intention of making any comments on the review website.

What is interesting is that already in comments on the review a certain amount of heat has been generated especially about the Civil War.

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