Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring Flowers

The first two days of February had a real feeling of spring about them. Time to go out into the garden and see what has survived the winter rain and storms and what, if anything, is brave enough to peep above the ground.

My hellebores, above, have done well, though they do look a bit bedraggled. They make a nice splash of white in the February garden. Some snowdrops of course as well.

Plenty of spring poetry available, too much probably. My favourite is Hopkins' Spring. That second line is so unexpected, we thought we were going to get daffodils but we get weeds instead, and "long and lovely and lush"!A reminder to get out and prevent the weeds from getting a headstart.

If you want daffodils you have plenty to choose from. I prefer Herrick to Wordsworth but only just. And there is always room for another daffodil poem. But it better be good. As is this one from 2005, "Daffodils" from No Heaven, by Alicia Suskin Ostriker. 

More about hellebores here and here.

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