Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Call for Submissions - Family Matters

A multinational and multicultural team of editors, who pledge to make their choices based only on artistic merit, invites all writers to submit their works of poetry and prose to a new anthology on the topic of “Family Matters.”

Why? Family matters individually, socially and politically. Our most important relationships begin, run their harmonious or inharmonious race and end in the family. They may explain our deepest feelings, wildest dreams, or most unsettling nightmares. In the final analysis, family relations often make or break our personalities, partnerships or careers.

More details here.

Poems: Send 1-3 poems in the body of an email.
Short Stories: maximum word count 800 – 2,000 sent in the body of an email or as an attachment (.doc; .rtf). All Submissions must be written in the English language.
Send submissions and queries to: submit@nivasini.com with the subject line "Family Matters"Please include a short bio of 50 words [include age, interests and your email id/blog/facebook page/twitter handle] in your submission.

Deadline for Submissions:1 July, 2013.

The Editors:
Frank Joussen is a German school teacher who writes poems, short stories and essays in English. At the school where he teaches, Frank works in a One-World group with volunteers from India and Brazil.

Christina Cowling is the author of two poetry books titled “Flexing my Muse” and “Soulground for Women.” She has co-edited and edited anthologies for the Canadian Authors Association and the Canadian Federation of Poetry.

Nivedita Narsapuram, born in Hyderabad, India, works with Thomson Reuters full time and freelances with Young World—The Hindu, an Indian Newspaper and Hyderabad-based Wow Magazine. Her poems have been featured in a couple of anthologies and have been included in the recently released, Inklinks.

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