Monday, August 5, 2013

Fermoy Poetry Festival

Home from the Fermoy International Poetry Festival. Very enjoyable week-end. Great to meet so many poets, local, national and those from UK, USA, Netherlands, India etc. Great also to meet the other winners in this year's competition.

Lots of poetry read in all kinds of venues including barbershops, banks, pharmacies, cafes etc. Above Knute Skinner reading in the Ulster Bank, Fermoy. Below: Miceál Kearney reading in Bermingham's Pharmacy. More photos on Facebook.

Some fine anthologies launched as well. The Blue Max Review has the prizewinning poems from this year's competition as well as lots more from home and abroad. Pat Crotty has a cruel, but very clever, poke at Bob Dylan's recent writing efforts. His first stanza of his poem Bob Dylan's Comeback Albums #12 & 35 goes like this:

Riffs rumble in the mountains, couplets pound on the plain;
Riffs rumble in the mountains, couplets pound on the plain;
Waters gonna rise, cliche's gonna food my brain.

The anthology can be purchased on the festival site.

Doghouse launched their anthology Ten Years in the Doghouse which has poems by about thirty poets published by them in the last ten years. All new poems of course and a number were on hand to read from the anthology. Well done Doghouse!! Again it is on sale on their website.

Doghouse is launching the anthology in Limerick as part of the On The Nail Reading on Tuesday this week.

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