Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BWG Chairman Address 2

One profound change that will definitely happen in our little group in the coming year is the stepping down of Michael Farry from his position as Editor of Boyne Berries, a position he has held since its foundation. Michael has brought great honour and prestige to the group through Boyne Berries, which has published more than its fair share of the crop of upcoming writers of our generation – I’m thinking here, for example, of Niamh Boyce who was published in an issue of Boyne Berries several years ago, who came to the launch of that issue and read here in this hotel, and who is now the author of a novel which has caused quite a stir in Irish literary circles over the past year. And I’m sure Michael himself could list off at least a dozen other writers who deserve mention in this same context.

Michael, we thank you for your dedication and hard work on the first 15 issues of Boyne Berries. You will be sorely missed.

However, it is great and wonderful that there is someone in our group, Orla Fay, who is willing to take over from Michael – someone, I suspect (and hope) who also has a strong voice allied with the courage to carry forward the torch – or maybe more aptly the little spark, the little glow – of literary delight, enchantment and satisfaction that Boyne Berries has become, thanks to its first Editor. Orla, the best of luck – and we’re all available to give you whatever help and encouragement you need.

I’d like to thank the officers and committee for their support during the year, especially for their willingness to step in and act as chairman at our ordinary meetings. Owing to my continuing health problems especially in the first half of last year – and also due to my involvement in the Swift Satire Festival in Trim and the fact that I spent 2 months in Australia last Spring – I was not as available for Boyne Writers Group meetings as I would like to have been.

Thanks to Michael Farry for his work as Secretary and to Caroline Carey Finn for her work as vice-chairperson and to Barbara Flood for her work as Treasurer. And to the people who organise our Website and Facebook Page (Michael and Orla).

Congratulations to the Boyne Writers Group winning team in the Battle of the Books (47-41): Caroline Carey Finn, Paul Kerr and Michael Farry – especially to our captain Michael Farry whose own material and performance was, to my mind, the best ever in the history of this contest.

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Words A Day said...

I'm really delighted to get the mention there :) It was a great night of readings in Trim, well done on all the wonderful work Micheal!