Thursday, April 17, 2014

Regime Magazine : Submissions Open

I was lucky to have a poem included in the last issue of the journal, Regime, published in Perth, Western Australia. I was especially pleased that they accepted a poem written as a result of a previous visit to WA.

I missed the launch but when I was in Perth in January/February I met three of those involved, Nathan Hondros, Chris Palazzolo and Peter Jefferies, and we had a great chat about poetry, publishing and life in general.

Regime Books, the collective which publishes Regime, has just sent out a call for submissions for the next issue, closing date 16 May. Please submit your poetry, short stories, and performance writing before then. Full details on this page.

Regime Books is a collective of writers, poets, editors and publishers who are committed to publishing the best writing they can get their hands on. As well as the journal they have published books of stories and poetry.

They are also announcing the launch of a new model of community publishing – an idea Regime Books invites writers and poets to join.

So how will it work?

Regime Magazine of New Writing will remain a not-for-profit enterprise, but also strictly not-for-loss.
We want to pay our writers and poets in currency, not copies.
We are dedicated to printed editions that are supported (and not replaced) by technology.
We will be inviting guest editors.
We will consider inviting suitable sponsors, and opening our books to donors.

Now here are the changes:

Our cover price will increase to $25 a copy (including postage). Why? $10 per copy sold on our website will be evenly distributed to our talented contributors (contributors will not receive free copies or a distribution from copies sold through third party retailers – the cover price for that is eaten by the printer, bookseller and distributor).

There will be 50 poets, 5 short story writers and a performance writer included in Regime 04.
There will be two print runs for Regime 04 for orders made through our website.

You can also reserve your Regime 04 before it's too late (yes, we're serious, the clock is running out). $10 for every copy sold goes directly to our contributors. Visit the website right now!

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