Thursday, August 7, 2014

iYeats Poetry Competition Results 2014

The winner of the The Hawk’s Well Theatre’s iYeats International Poetry competition was announced on Thursday 31 July at a ceremony at the Hawk’s Well Theatre during the 55th Yeats International Summer School.

This year’s winner is Winifred McNulty for her poem ‘Tawnytallon’ a
nd the judges decided to commend three further poets this year – Connie Roberts for ‘Oasis’, Phil Lynch for ‘Changing Light’ and Heather Richardson for ‘Telling’.

The iYeats Poetry competition was launched by the Hawk's Well Theatre in 2009 to mark the 50th Yeats International Summer School and the 70th anniversary of the death of W. B Yeats. The judges for 2014 were Peter Sirr and Catherine Phil MacCarthy.

Read the winning and commended poems on the Hawk's Well website page here.
The judges comments are on this page.

YouTube readings of the commended poems:
Connie Roberts ‘Oasis’, Phil Lynch ‘Changing Light’, Heather Richardson ‘Telling’.

Picture (From Marie O’Byrne and Deirdre Melvin (Hawkswell), Winifred McNulty (overall winner), Phil Lynch (Commended), Judges Peter Sirr and Catherine Phil McCarthy and Noel Lawlor a friend of poet Connie Roberts from New York

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