Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wanted : Short Horror Stories

Regime Books, Perth, WA,  is publishing an anthology of short horror stories, Dire Bites, and has issued a call for submissions.

They want stories crawling with unease. "A truly original, suspenseful and frightening horror story is a great find. It takes a certain something to make someone shiver with dread and read to the end — a certain something that never leaves a reader, and entices them to push the tale onto friends.

Don’t think of the gory stories you spun as a child, no pools of blood or knives in the hand of every stranger. We want the reason you can’t look in a mirror when the lights are dim. The real reason you hate children. The reason tripping in the dark puts a cold pit in your stomach — and a real crick in your neck. What your mind taunts you with when you're alone is excellent fodder for putting the fear into others."

Submission Guidelines
Word limit is anything less than 3500 words. Deadline is 12 October 2014.
Along with your submission please include your own greatest personal fear to be added to your name should your submission be successful.

Info and questions:  More details and submission manager on the website.

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