Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Poetry Anthology - Fathers

I'm delighted to have a poem included in this anthology, fathers and what must be said. Thanks to the editors Michael Corrigan and Michael H Clay.

The launch date is Saturday 29 November at the Spinning Wheel in Castletownroche, County Cork.

Here is the full list of poets whose poems have been chosen for the anthology:
Bradley R Strahan; John Davis; Jim Gustafson; Liam Aungier; Peadar O’Donoghue; Helene Cardona; Joe Baldwin; Paul Ó Colmáin; Greagoir ODuill; Jim Lewis; Michael Farry; Nessa O’Mahony; Si Philbrook; Pete Mullineaux; Robert Lipton; Alan Halford; Andrea Potos; Rachel Davies; Jim Hart; Joe Healy; Karen Foster; Hugh McFadden; Tyler Tsay; Tim J Brennan; Derek Coyle;Philip Quirke; Muesser Yeniay; Nicki Griffin; Harry Man; Robert Harper; Simon McCormack; Janice Windle; Amanda Bell; Harry Owen; Ruairi Gough; Gene Barry; Anna Tannam; Roy Marshall; Saskia Stehouwer; Ronnie McGinn; Jeannie E. Roberts; Anne Elezabeth Pluto; Gina Nemo; Maurice Devitt; Michael Corrigan; Karen O’Connor; Michael H Clay; Shirley Bell; Miceál Kearney; Tory Campbell; Marie O’Halloran; Michael Brown; Erin Murphy; Rita Chapman; Liam Ryan; John Saunders; Darren Donohue; May Leonard; Steven F Klepeter; George Harding; Maria Whelan

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Connie Roberts said...

Congrats., Michael.