Publication Credits

Poetry Publication Credits:

Poem, Troubles, published in Boyne Berries 27.

Poem, The Friary Bell, published in What the Peacock Replied.
Poem, Trim Stained Glass Windows, published in Meath Writers Magazine 2019.
Two poems, A Sample of Dead Michaels and The Heart Scrabbles for Words published in The Pickled Body.
Poem, At Leeds Railway Station, published in Boyne Berries 25.
Poem, Somewhere, published in Crannóg.
Poem, The Iron Cottage, published in The Cormorant
Poem, Pat Gallagher Proclamation, published in the Corran Herald.
Poem, Flying Home, published in the Bangor Literary Journal.  
Poem, Terminus, published in Skylight 47.

Poem, Father's Day, published in Flare 8.
Poem, Saving Turf, published in Stony Thursday Book.
Poem, I Wanted, published in Coast to Coast to Coast 3.
Poem, Help, published in Coast to Coast to Coast Irish Issue.
Poem, Coffee with W. B. in Sligo, published in Meath Writers Magazine.
Poem, Words for Dark Days, published in The North, Irish Issue.
Poem, Rockfield School, published in Teachers Who Write anthology.

Poem, Welcome to Ledwidge Country, published in Boyne Berries 22.
Poem, Kintsugi, published in anthology, Poems to Keep, The 1000 Monkeys, Guilford, UK.
Poem, The Beach, published in online journal, Ink, Sweat and Tears.
Poem, Waiting for the Train, published in Skylight 47, issue 8.
Poem, Paris, published in Orbis 179 (UK)
Poem, Morning Mass in Galway, published in Crannóg 44.
Poem, A Blackfriary Burial, published in Flare 2.
Poems, My Car and Travelling to the United Kingdom 21 April 2016, published in erbacce 48 (UK).
Poem, The Age of Glass, published in Flare 5.
Poems, Great Rivers of Ireland and Corporal O'Reilly published in the Meath Writers Circle Annual 2017.

Poem, Clarification, published in Antiphon online journal Issue 19 (UK). Reading here.
Poems, Trim Castle, Newgrange Passage Tomb to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, published in the Meath Writers Circle Christmas Magazine.
Poem, Where I'm From, published in the October issue of the online journal The Honest Ulsterman.
Poem, Four Fairy Tales, published in Hidden Channel, Sligo.
Poem, Advent, published in The 12 Poems of Christmas on the Lagan Online website.
Poem, Stranded, published in Brittle Star 39, (UK).
Poem, Stove, published in Boyne Berries 20.
Two poems, Phone Call and We are all Refugees published in Acumen 86 (UK).
Two poems, Cicades at Nages and Secret published in Voices Israel Anthology 2016
Poem, Under Survelliance, published in Flare 01, the Sunflower Sessions booklet.
Poem, Flight, included in anthology A Barrel of Monkeys, by Dempsey and Windle, Guilford, UK.
Prose poem, Molly Courage, published in  1916-2016 An Anthology of Reactions, Limerick.
Poems, Grand National Result 1916 and The Uses of Poetry included on the Headstuff website.
Poem, Perth Weather, published in Soliloquies Anthology 20.2, Montreal, Canada.
Poem, A Present from America, included in the anthology The Poet’s Quest For God, Eyewear Publishing, UK.
Poem, Growing Up with Enid Blyton, published in Frogmore Papers 87, UK, March 2016.
Poem, Looting 1916, included in Poets meet Politics Anthology 2016, Hungry Hill Writing, Cork.
Poem, James Gormley, included in Boyne Berries 1916 commemorative edition, March 2016.
Poem, The 1916 Rising, included in Centenary in Poetry and Prose, published by the Meath Writers Circle, March 2016.
Poem, The Gun, included in the ebook, Commended 2016, featuring commended poets in the Fair Acre Press Poetry Pamphlet Competition 2015/16.
Poem, Brain Scan, included in WOW! WordsOnTheWave Anthology, 2016, Galway.
Poem, When I Returned, included in the online anthology, Poems for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016.

Poem, Passage Grave and Shopping Centre, published in Crannóg 40, Galway.
Three poems, Miss Stuart, Electric Pictures and Cavan County Final, 1915, published in Behind the Lines, LitLab, Cavan/Meath.
Poem, Swordswoman, published in The Stony Thursday Book 14, Limerick
Poem, Coastal Storm, in the anthology, Wild Atlantic Words, Hungry Hill Writing, Cork.
Poem, Fish and Chips, displayed as part of the Poetry for Spaces Project, North West Words, Donegal.
Three poems, The Gun, My Turn, Lady's Anniversary, in The Keystone anthology, Guildford, UK.
Poem, The Owls of Mandurah, in Regime 5, Perth, Australia.
Poem, Ages, in Skylight 47, issue 5, Galway.
Poem, My Fish and I, in The Pickled Body, Issue 2.1, Quantum.
Poem, Creevane Cottage, in Boyne Berries 17, Trim.
Two poems, A Blackfriary Burial and The Western Wall, in the E-journal, Reading Ireland: The Little Magazine, USA
Poem, The Gun, in the anthology, Poets Meet Politics, Hungry Hill Writing, Cork.
Poem, Fathers’ Work, in the anthology, fathers and what must be said, Rebel Poetry, Cork

Poem, Font, published in Boyne Berries 16, Trim
Poem, Writers' Block, published in Shine A Light 3, Sligo
Poem, Homeward, published in Cyphers 77, Dublin
Poem, Hospital Visit, displayed as part of the Poetry for Spaces Project, Donegal
Poem, A Pair of Dead Man's Shoes, in Prole 13, UK
Poem, Glass, included in the Ogham Stone journal, University of Limerick
Poem, Scribbles, included in Crannóg, Galway
Poem, Gracetown, W.A. included in Regime 3, Perth, Australia

Three poems, Consumption, Bluebell Wood, The Truth, included in LitLab anthology, Under a Thrupenny Moon
Three poems, Swan Valley Western Australia, Tomb at Gortakeeran, His Last Poem, published in Ten Years in the Doghouse anthology, Doghouse Books, Tralee
Poem, The Masterpiece is Nearing Completion, included in The Blue Max Review 2013, Fermoy.
Poem, The 1916 Rising, published in The Penny Dreadful Issue 2
Two poems,  Six Things I Miss about Teaching, Limerick Cafe, published in The Galway Review Issue 1.
Poem, Conversation, published in first issue of Skylight47
Series of five Poems, Ordnance Survey Sheet 54, included in Imagination and Place: Cartography (USA)

Three poems, Six Things I Miss about Teaching, Limerick Cafe, Studies, published on Galway Review website.
Poem, Lough Gur Stone Circle, published in Stony Thursday Book 11.
Extract from long poem, To the Centre and Back, published in Can Can #4.
Poem, The Truth, published in Prole Issue 7 (UK).
Poem, Not Just Me, published in Windows 20 anthology.
Poem, Diving into Lough Derg, published in Anthology for a River.
Two poems, Invoice and What I'll Need for the Lecture, published in Census 3, the Seven Towers anthology.
Poem, Abroad, published in Revival 22.
Poem, Bluebell Wood, published in Crannog 30.

Poem published in Revival 19 .

Poem published in A Modest Review magazine issue 1.
Poem published in Revival 16.
Poem published in The SHOp 34.
Poem published in the WOW anthology.
Chapbook, The Hawk's Rock, published in 2010 as part of a collaboration with Sligo artist Conor Gallagher.

Chapbook, Ashes and Snow, published as No 1 in Boyne Writers Chapbooks series.
Poem published in Aesthetica Creative Works Annual (UK) 2009.
Three poems published in Windows Publications Authors and Artists Introduction Series No 9.
Two poems published in The Stony Thursday Book (Limerick) 2009.
Poem published in the Sligo Library online magazine The Cathach Summer 2009.
Poem published in the WOW online magazine 2009.
Poem published in Decanto (UK) October 2009.

Poems published in magazines:
Crannog (Galway) issue 10, Winter 2005, issue 12, Summer 2006 and issue 17, Spring 2008.
Revival (Limerick) issue 2 - January 2007, issue 5 - October 2007, issue 10 - October 2008.
Carillon (Yorkshire) April and November 2007.

Three poems published in Murmurs, the Meath/Cavan LitLab broadsheet 2008.
A short fiction piece published in Petals on a Bough, the Longford Writers Festival publication 2008.
Extract from long poem published in Scríobh 2004-2006, Sligo, 2006.

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