Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God's Direct Line

This advertisement, pictured at a Trim bus stop, is interesting in light of the atheist advertisement on London buses which I wrote about on 18 January. It does say something about Ireland that a national telecom company can publish an advertisement like this without creating a fuss.

I have a feeling that it might be more difficult in England. At least there is certainty in the Irish campaign instead of the weak London "probably no God" (They used capitals to avoid the problem of whether to capitalise the word "God" or not).

If you ring the number given you hear a plummy RTE advertising accent makes a weak joke about the "second coming postponed due to cut-backs" and then have to listen to the ad for the 11811 directory service. The campaign appears to be a response to a current campaign for a rival directory service featuring impressions of Irish finance guru Eddie Hobbs.

I understand there is another similar advertisement featuring Cupid's personal number, I wonder if it's the same number as God's.

The advertisement featured in the LiveLine show at the end of last month, podcast here.
There is also some discussion here. More about the atheist bus advertising here.

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