Friday, February 6, 2009

Retirement is . . .

Enjoying the snow when it comes without worrying about road conditions, getting to work, getting home, schools closing, not being able to go out etc.

This was the worst snow we've seen since 1982. The worst snow of the last century in Ireland was that of 1947. The blizzard started in February and people said that some of the snow still lay in sheltered spots until the end of May. This is what Patrick Kavanagh was referring to in Shancoduff though this was written before the 1947 blizzard.

My hills hoard the bright shillings of March
While the sun searches in every pocket.

They are my Alps and I have climbed the Matterhorn

With a sheaf of hay for three perishing calves
In the field under the Big Forth of Rocksavage.

I was born in 1947, too late for the blizzard though.

You can read interesting accounts of the 1947 blizzard in the west of Ireland here and here.

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