Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the Footsteps of Ledwidge Walk

The annual In the Footsteps of Ledwidge sponsored walk will be held on Sunday 28 June. This year’s walk will involve a guided tour of the Hill of Tara. Ms. Helen Tully, tour guide at Brú na Bóinne and a valued member of the Ledwidge Museum Committee will be the guide on the day. Helen will explain the archaeological wonders of Tara where it has been established that human activity goes back to the Neolithic period. She will also link Francis Ledwidge’s association with Tara and nearby Dunsany Castle.

Francis Ledwidge had a special love for Tara and shortly before his death, he wrote in a letter to Ms. Katherine Tynan “If you go to Tara, go to Rath-na Rí and look all round you from the hills of Drumcondrath in the north to the plains of Enfield in the south, where Allen Bog begins, and remember me to every hill and wood and ruin, for my heart is there. If it is a clear day you will see Slane Hill blue and distant…”

The walk will commence at 3pm at the entrance to Tara. If you wish to join the walk please contact the Ledwidge Cottage Museum (Phone: 041-9824544 or email for a sponsorship card, or come along on the day and make a donation. Lifts from Slane can also be arranged, again please contact the museum for details of same.

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