Friday, June 12, 2009

Swift Satire Competition

The satire competition organised by the Boyne Writers Group in connection with the Trim Swift Festival has closed. The entry this year is in the region of thirty five which is an increase on last year's entry. The organisers are pleased with this considering that satire is quite specialised and that topics are given so that writers have to come up with a new piece of writing.

Most of the entries are from Ireland but there are a number from the UK and from Canada and the USA. The poetry/prose split is about half and half.

The standard seems high with many writers enjoying the opportunity to castigate banks and bankers. There is the problem that the present economic crisis has resulted in so many events which would have previously been unthinkable that some of the satiric suggestions seem almost believable. Some poets delighted in finding as many rhymes as possible for "bankers".

The short list should be announced early next week and the winner and runners up announced before the festival takes place. The winning entry will be read at the final event of the Festival, the literary night on Sunday 5th July. Last year's winning entry can be read here.

The full programme for the Trim Swift Festival is here.

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