Saturday, August 15, 2009

Large White Butterfly

A Large White butterfly in the garden this morning on the dahlia. Apart from the single Painted Lady already blogged about, these Large and Small Whites are the only butterflies I have seen in the garden this year - no Peacocks, Red Admirals or Tortoiseshells so far.

This site is the best I have seen for identification of Irish butterflies and this site is looking for volunteers to monitor the occurrence of butterfly species.

Nice poem here if you like John Berryman's work (born John Smith). It's his Dream Song 265: I don't know one damned butterfly from another.

1 comment: said...

Agreed, there's a dearth of butterflies this dismal summer, mostly whites and Tortoiseshell. That is indeed a very good site you posted, thank you, and I am at present trying to identify a couple of other visiting species from the photos and description.