Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over the Edge Longlist

The Over the Edge New Writer of the Year long list of sixty of the 324 entries was announced yesterday and published on the website. One of my pet complaints is competitions that never publish results on the internet so Over the Edge is to be commended on the speed with which they make their lists and results public.

Two members of Boyne Writers on the list, Brendan Carey Kinane who won the Boyle Poetry Competition in 2007 and Evan Costigan at present spending a year in Japan. Well done! Some other well know writers on the list, some of whom we have published in Boyne Berries over the last few years including Patricia Byrne, Jane Clarke and Nollaig Rowan.

The short list will be announced at the Over The Edge: Open Reading in Galway City Library on Thursday, August 27th and the winners will be announced at the reading on Thursday, September 24th, 2009.

Obviously my long 90 line poem didn't make an impression with the judge. Ah well there's always next year. Back to three short lyrics!


Unknown said...

Good news for the Boyne Group - well done to them. Alas for you - but 90 lines is a huge achievement, nonetheless!

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Barbara and well done on the Flatlake Festival. Something for the diary next year.