Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aesthetica Creative Works Annual 2010

Just got my copy of the 2010 Aesthetica Creative Works Annual published by Aesthetica magazine the bi-monthly arts and culture publication. One of my entries, a poem called Flying to Krakow, was a finalist and so is included in the annual which also contains artwork and stories.

They had over 12,000 images submitted, 3000 poems and 3000 short stories. There were 40 finalists per category. As far as I can see the only other Irish poet included is Paul Jeffcott who lives beside the Mountains of Mourne. The graphic art in the annual seems to me to be terrific, very varied and very impressive. Graphic artists from or working in Ireland whose work is included are Debbie Chapman, Emma Gamble, Emmet Mullins and Katarzyna Gajewska.

I was surprised and delighted to be so lucky. The poem selected is much more traditional in form and theme than the one successful in the Kavanagh competition. When a poem you've written some time ago is noticed you look at it with fresh eyes almost as if it was written by someone else. This poem is a fourteen line sonnet-like poem with the first eight lines setting a scene and the last six making a personal reflection on the scene.

First four lines:
Cloud crust cracks and a country
appears. House clusters at river road
confluences – towers, white gables,

spires – tarnish hectares of conifers.

This is the blurb for the annual: The second Aesthetica Creative Works Annual explores the imagination. This book showcases artwork and creative writing from over 30 countries. The anthology contextualises the larger cultural framework by asking probing questions about the current state of affairs: the economy, globalisation, technology and the environment. Moreover it offers a platform from which to analyse the art we producing today. Its cutting-edge nature offers you autonomy. As the reader, this book provides an insight into our deepest thoughts, anxieties and aspirations. Art becomes the tonic for the modern world.

The cover image above is by mixed-media artist Shadric Toop.

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