Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from Trim!

Outdoor crib at St Patrick's Church, Trim.

You see no treasures there outspread,
No dazzling wealth display'd;
But see a manger poor instead
Wherein a child is laid.

You see no mark of royalty,
No guard of honour nigh;
And yet that humble babe is He
Who built the starry sky:

from Verses on the Nativity in Verses on Doctrinal and Devotional Subjects by Rev. James Casey PP, (1824 - 1909) a native of Riverstown, Co Sligo. The book was published by James Duffy and Sons in 1882 and was such a success that a second volume was published in 1886. He also published books of poetry on Home Rule and on Temperance.

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