Sunday, January 31, 2010

Science Fiction Contest

Albedo One, Ireland’s magazine of speculative fiction, is again running the Aeon Award short fiction contest for 2010 (opening Jan 1st to Nov 30th). The Grand Prize is 1000 euro and publication in Albedo One, and the winner will be chosen by respected genre author Ian Watson. A modest entry fee of 7 euro applies to each entry, and can be paid on the website.

The contest opens 1st January 2010, and runs for four rounds throughout the year. The submission deadline for the first round is March 31st, the second round June 30th, the third round September 30th and the final round November 30th. The final round is of two months duration, the rest of three months.

Previous winners have been announced at the World Science Fiction Convention and European Science Fiction Convention, and the contest aims to promote new writers and writing at shorter lengths in the speculative fiction genres (e.g. SF, fantasy, horror).

Full details and entry guidelines are available here.

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