Friday, March 19, 2010

Boyne Readings and Open Mic

Pictured above are the featured readers at last night's Boyne Readings and Open Mic, Ross Hattaway and Oran Ryan flanking MC Paddy Smith. A great event even thought the crowd was small, about fifteen very appreciative listeners and readers.

The two Dublin based writers from Seven Towers Agency read from published and recent work, Oran mostly from his novel, Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger and Ross from his collection The Gentle Art of Rotting. Oran read from the first novel, Killing People is Easy, in his novel (if you see what I mean) which begins with the great line: Before I was dead, I lived a lot differently than now.

The highlight of Ross' set surely was his long poem Lip Reading with its rambling, punning, allusive, elusive thread.

A lip of the tongue.
A Freudian

Slipped lips.

Clipped lips.



and again.

More information about the two writers here.

Frank Murphy of Meath Writers Circle was there, read a great poem and has commented in his blog. And Orla Fay of Boyne Writers has comments and pictures here.

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Ross said...


Thanks for having us at Boyne Writers and for the very warm and attentive reception. It was a pleasure to come and read and hear the open mike, even if Paddy Smyth didn't have his whistle. Best wishes for the launch of Boyne Berries 7 and don't forget to bring copies to the Last Wednesday in April.