Saturday, May 8, 2010

UK General Election, PR and the Welsh Poetry Competition

I love this email I just got - poets with attitude:

Forgive this email if you've already entered but with the General Election over and everyone suitably depressed that Cameron is so close to destroying our country maybe now is the time to vent your spleen and bash out a poem or two, send them to us and give yourself a chance of £300. It may compensate for the tax credits you'll be losing soon... Details as always on our website -

You can enter and pay online so it's one of the UK competitions I probably will enter.

I stayed up till 3am on Thursday night watching the election coverage. Mostly on BBC, though it was terrible. Dimbleby looking confused - where are we going next? - no pattern emerging - (A bit like Andy Grey on Sky Sports) - Hey David it's your job to spot the pattern! Then Jeremy Paxman doing an imitation of Paxman with that obnoxious smile/grin/sneer. I love all this talk about "hung" parliament and "horse trading". Wait until they get PR!

Did I mention that the first use of PR in "these islands" was in the Sligo Corporation election of January 1919 as a result of a campaign by the Sligo Ratepayers’ Association (consisting largely of Protestant businessmen) who claimed to be underrepresented in the Corporation. Because of its success in this election it became a key feature of elections in Ireland.

Speaking of poetry competitions I see on Orla Fay's blog that results of the Windows Cavan Crystal competition are out. Nothing on the website yet though.

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