Friday, July 16, 2010

Bram Stoker Literary Award

I don't think any of my wonderfully sensitive poetic efforts would be suitable for this competition but the closing date isn't until October so there is time to come up with something suitably macabre. The entry fee is a little high but the prize reasonable and the winner gets to attend a banquet.

This is the Bram Stoker Literary Challenge held in conjunction with the Stoker Dracula International Halloween Festival of Horror.

The competition is open to everyone, everywhere! The scope of the theme field is just about limitless…..ghosts, vampires, banshees, death, blood, haunted houses, spooky graveyards, creepy bell towers, gruesome dungeons, horror castles, scary blood curdling noises, eerie nightmares, macabre happenings …. all can be real or imagined!

All entries must be in English and the theme must be gothic/horror with a maximum of 2000 words. Entries can be in the form of a prose piece, a short story, a poem, a play (drama) or even a song or ballad.

There is a 20 euro entry fee per entry .

First Prize 500 euro and The Academy of Bram Stoker Literary Award presented at banquet in Clontarf Castle on Halloween Night

Closing date for entries is 1st October 2010. More on the website.

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Frank said...

A bit bloodthirsty that fee, getting the fangs in!