Monday, October 4, 2010

Crannog Poetry Magazine says No

Boyne Berries 8 published, material selected for Boyne Berries 9 so what about issue 10? We have been discussing how to mark this milestone and have a few ideas. More later.

Crannog poetry magazine, Galway, have reached a milestone, issue 25 will be published in October and they aim to make this one a special celebratory issue. It would be nice to have a poem in it but alas I got a very nice rejection email at the week-end. Very similar to the ones I sent out a little while ago actually.

So when you get a rejection what do you do? Submit to another magazine or enter another competition straight away of course. Entries for the Troubadour International Poetry Prize close soon. I've never entered this one so I'll give it a go. One of the judges is Irish though that probably makes no difference. You can email the entry and post the fee. They accept euro cheques which many UK competitions don't.

Also closing soon are the Francis Ledwidge competition and the Plough Prize (UK). I've been commended in the Ledwidge twice so maybe this will be the year and I've been shortlisted in the Plough once or twice so I'll think about entering that also.


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Thank you so much for Boyne Berries's Autumn 2010. It arrived this morning.

My poems are regularly rejected, and from time to time, one is accepted. It seems an unchanging routine, and, the more one submits the more he is accepted...and rejected. No way out of this I think!
My poems have been accepted in the past by Crannog and so many times rejected, and never accepted, by Poetry Ireland.

Michael Farry said...

Thank you and it's great to have the magazine read in Italy!