Monday, August 22, 2011

In Sligo Gaol Today

Today, as part of Heritage Week 2011 two of the TG4 documentaries in the Ealú series with sligo connections will be screened at Sligo Gaol by cinema North West. The Linda Kearns programme has already been shown on TG4 but the other, about Frank Carty's 1920 rescue from the jail, will be shown for the first time. It will be aired sometime in the autumn.

I was interviewed as an historian for the Carty programme and I've been invited to the 5pm showing. I'm looking forward to see how my Irish sounds and which bits of my interview they included.

The 5pm event will also include the launch of the County Council's Sligo Gaol Conservation Plan. I have to admit that I have never visited the gaol but it seems there are substantial parts of the jail still in reasonably good shape. I'm looking forward to seeing the wall the rescuers climbed in 1920, a long wooden ladder to get on to the wall, a rope ladder to get down inside.

Screenings will take place at 1pm, 3pm, lasting 50 minutes in total and suitable for a general audience . Aof the Frank Carty story only will also take place at 5pm on Monday 22nd August (duration 25 minutes and GA).

Admission is free, but booking is essential. To book your place at any of the screenings above email

Top: Aerial photograph of Sligo gaol 1947, photo National Library of Ireland.

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