Sunday, August 21, 2011

LitLab Fleadh Reading - Saturday

The LitLab reading at the Art Space, Bullock Lane yesterday went very well - a quiet space in the middle of a lot of loud music and huge crowds.

The venue is small but at one o'clock it looked like there would be more readers than audience. However an audience assembled two by two and by the time we were in full flow there was a respectable number present.

Six LitLab members and two others read. A respectful, responsive audience enjoyed the content, laughing and remaining silent at appropriate places.

We had a short story, a prose piece poking fun at Wordsworth, writers' groups, poetry criticism and a LitLab member and poems about Tara, travellers, swallows, crows, water, climbing mountains etc.

An exhibition is currently on display in the Art Space entitled Traveller’s Memories Pavee Tales and the artwork provided a suitable background. Full details of the exhibition here. Another LitLab reading today in the same venue at 1pm.

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