Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art Exhibition for Haiti Week

Conor Gallagher, the Sligo-born artist for whose exhibition The Hawk's Rock, my poetry chapbook was produced, has been in Haiti helping to rebuild there after the massive 2010 earthquake. He has returned with a collection of images some of which will be exhibited during Haiti Week, January 20th-28th in the Atrium, Nazareth House, Sligo. Proceeds will go to projects in Haiti.

The official opening is on Friday next 20 January at 6pm.

The exhibition will include paintings and drawings of moments and scenes witnessed on the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince in Haiti. Some are made with gouache on photo paper. Conor says "I like this surface because it is very resistant to the paint and you really have to work with it it to leave a mark". The delightful painting above is entitled Toujou zanmi (Always friends) and is gouache on A4 photo paper.

Other work in the exhibition was made with gouache and local household paint on light plywood panels measures 30cm x 25cm.

Examples of Conor's Haiti work, here, here and here.

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