Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magma Poetry Competitions Results

Results of the Magma poetry competitions are on the website. No addresses given for the winners and others mentioned and the only name I recognise as Irish is Afric McGlinchey who gets a special mention in the up to 10 lines section for her poem Late.

Afric was the 2010 winner of the Hennessy Award for Emerging Poetry and we have published her in Boyne Berries.

Looking through the winners and shortlisted I can't help but notice the number of one and two word titles. Very few of those long "wackier" titles that come into and go out of fashion by the month. Jane Routh's I have always loved a galvanised scoop is the best and longest of that type in the list.


Jean@ WordSparks said...

Where are they on the Magma website? Sorry, can't find them!

Michael Farry said...

Jean, this post refers to last year's results. Haven't heard anything about this year's yet.