Friday, March 23, 2012

Book finished - More or Less

Last visit to the National Library, Dublin on Thursday last for a few final checks on page references etc. Then the last few amendments to the text, chapter headings added, basic acknowledgements and list of abbreviations included and a dedication.

The book is finished!

The lot has been emailed off to the editors. Yipee!! OK there may be some small things to be done - photographs to be finalised, cover decided - but it's over.

I checked my emails and find that I replied to the initial query about doing this book on 15 April 2010, just under two years ago and just after coming back from a holiday at Lake Garda.

This is what I emailed then:

Thank you very much for the invitation which I received yesterday after returning from a holiday in Italy.

I am retired and haven’t done any research or historical writing for some time but I am tempted by your invitation.

Would it be possible to meet either or both of you to discuss it further? I am available most days and can call up to the college when it suits you.

I met the editors very soon afterwards and agreed to undertake the project. It's been an interesting two years.

Top left and right: Images of Dante and Homer from the stained glass windows at the National Library.


niamh said...

congratulations Michael! - you've been so productive I had to check which book:)!

Connie Roberts said...

Congratulations, Michael. You're an inspiration to us all! Bet the ould shoulders feel a lot lighter today.