Monday, March 5, 2012

Final Edit - Sligo 1912-1923

This may be the final edit of the history book. Making sure every comma is in the correct place, making final decisions on capitalisation - is it Civil War or civil war, war of independence or War of Independence? The importance is in the consistency.

And a sentence to rephrase here and there where I have reused the same word too often, too close together. And some sentences to be rewritten where I need to make the reader more aware of the significance of what has happened and prepare the reader for what is about to happen.

And the footnotes, italics, capitals, lower case, colons, semi-colons, abbreviations, commas each in its proper place.

Anyway it's great to be finally at this stage. There were times I didn't think I could do it!

The book is in the 2012 Four Courts Press Catalogue though (I'm inclined to overuse that word) the cover hasn't yet been finalised.

The image to be used on the cover is chosen and is included. It's a great photo of pro-Treaty troops in Old Market St., Sligo on Easter Sunday 1922.

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