Thursday, January 24, 2013

Temple Bar TradFest - Poetry in Motion

Swift Satire Festival, Trim brings Poetry in Motion to Temple Bar TradFest 2013

Poetry in Motion? It’s poetry. And it’s on the move from street to street. You stand on the soapbox and you proclaim verse to the passers-by. Some stop to listen, others hasten onwards.

Poetry in Motion is open to all visitors, who are invited to dip into our bag of poetry books and read aloud a poem of their choice. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! And it doesn’t cost anything.

This simple recipe has been a big hit in our annual Swift Satire Festival, Trim. Some people come along in period costume, stand in the queue and wait their turn to read outside the local supermarket or the Credit Union or the video store. Others take a few minutes from their shopping to stand and listen; some of these eventually pluck up the courage to step forward and read or recite their favourite poem — and 20 minutes later they’re still there, listening or declaiming! Take our word for it: it’s addictive!

Every half-hour or so, the soapbox is picked up and the group moves to a different location or a different street.

When? This Saturday 26 January at the Temple Bar TradFest, 12 noon, 2.30pm, 4pm
Where? Fownes St. Lower/Temple Bar Square, and its environs

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