Sunday, March 24, 2013

Imagination and Place: Cartography - I'm Included

I'm delighted to have a series of five poems included in an anthology just published in the USA by Imagination and Place Inc.entitled Imagination and Place: Cartography 

The mission of Imagination and Place, Inc. is to consider ideas related to human imagination and concepts of place. The mission is realized through public exhibitions, lectures, conferences, seminars, special events, online offerings, and producing publications as Imagination and Place Press.
They publish a series of anthologies, edited by writer Kelly Barth, the first of which, Imagination and Place: An Anthology, appeared in 2009. Since then the series has continued with Ownership (Feb. 2010); Seasonings (Dec. 2010) and Weather (Mar. 2012). The key in all these publications is the linking of place and imagination.

A poet friend passed on their call for submissions of poetry and prose dealing with maps and mapping for a volume, Imagination and Place: Cartography and I was lucky enough to have my poems accepted and included. The anthology has just been published.

My poems deal with the Coolaney area along the southern slopes of the Ox Mountains. Another friend gave me a present of a turn of the sheet of the one inch Ordnance Survey map covering that area so the series of poems is entitled Ordnance Survey Sheet 54.

Five poems of the series have been included each named after a townland. There are poems about my father, about Kate Thompson, a landlord's wife who tried to help the starving of the area during the famine, about Tullaghan holy well, the house where I was born and the village of Coolaney.

This is my first American publication and I'm thrilled to be included.

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