Friday, March 8, 2013

Sligo: The Irish Revolution 1912-1923: Reviews

Some mentions of Sligo: The Irish Revolution 1912-1923 in well respected journals.

The March issue of Books Ireland has a review by Barry McLoughlin, just over half a page: Michael Farry's study is admirably sourced, a balanced and sober assessment of revolutionary politics and violence in his native county. That's nice! And true!

History Ireland's March/April issue features the book in its Bookworm section which gives short notices of recently published books. Mine is first in the list, one paragraph with a picture of the cover. It mentions this being the first in a series on the Irish counties and says: if this is anything to go by, this will be an elegant, comprehensive and well-produced series. History Ireland on Facebook.

This issue also attacks aspects of Michael McDowell's A Lost Son RTE programme, in which I made a brief appearance, demonstrating that the events of those years can still cause division and controversy. The criticism has been picked up by a Sligo news website.

Poetry is much safer! Off to Roscommon tomorrow, Saturday, to the Siarscéal Festival to read my poem and collect the prize. News report on this from the Roscommon Herald.

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