Tuesday, July 15, 2014

North West Words Magazine

I'm delighted to have a poem included in the first issue of North West Words, a new online magazine from the team based in Letterkenny which organizes poetry readings, workshops etc.

The editorial team of Maureen Curran, Eamonn Bonner and Denise Blake have done a wonderful job and the online publication is very attractive with a mix of poetry, prose, interviews and images.

My poem is called Fish and Chips, written after a meal of same in a hotel in Liverpool some years ago. I wasn't there for a Liverpool football match (No way!) but a Bob Dylan concert.

They will publish three issues a year Autumn-Winter, Spring, and Summer. Submissions are open for the next issue. Send up to three poems, or up to 2000 words of fiction, or up to 800 words of memoir to
editornww@yahoo.ie by September 1. Include an up to date bio and a photo.

If you are an artist or photographer, or reviewer who would like to submit work please contact the team at

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