Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poetry Reading

I posted the last of the magazines to the contributors today (well not the last actually, it's surprising how many writers send in material without enclosing a postal address!). Also posted the copyright copies to the various libraries so that researchers can read our work hundreds of years from now.

I've left in copies of the magazines into some local shops, and in one case collected the ten I left in six months ago all unsold. Got some nice emails from some who read on the night.

You can buy a copy by using the PayPal link on this page.

It was indeed a very good evening, nothing at all like the poetry reading which was the subject of this Wislawa Szymborska poem.

Poetry Reading

To be a boxer, or not to be there

at all. O Muse, where are our teeming crowds?

Twelve people in the room, eight seats to spare

it's time to start this cultural affair.

Half came inside because it started raining,

the rest are relatives. O Muse.

That's the first stanza, the whole poem is on this page. New and Collected Poems here.
Image is Poetry Reading by Beryl Cook at the Alexander Gallery, Bristol

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