Saturday, November 5, 2011

Perth Glory and Sligo Rovers

Sport is big news here in Australia and such a variety of sports. The Melbourne Cup horse race last week really did stop the nation and caused more news minutes than any sports event back home ever does. Swimmer Ian Thorp's comeback to the pool is also big news at the moment.

The International Rules games was shown on TV here but was not the big news it might have been in Ireland. The Australian team contained few top ranking AFL players. The AFL is off season at the moment so I won't be able to attend a game.

Tomorrow however I'm attending the WACA to see Western Australia play a one day cricket match and the following weekend I'm attending a Perth Glory soccer match. Glory are one of the top teams, Liam Miller is playing for them this season as is Adam Hughes who played for Sligo Rovers a few seasons back.

Speaking of the bit o' red, their third consecutive cup final appearance is Sunday. I attended the last two, a loss and a victory, but this year I hope to watch it on by the magic of the internet. It's on at 10.30 local time here. Come on the Rovers!

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Peter Goulding said...

I'm in work at the moment Michael. Getting off early and looking forward to the game.
You neglected to mention Sligo's opponents...