Thursday, August 9, 2012

Intensive Novel Writing Course

Intensive Novel Writing Course at the Irish Writers Centre, Dublin with Carlo Gébler. Guest writers include : Keith Ridgway, Sean O'Reilly, Karen Gillece and Mia Gallagher.

Duration: 5 days, Monday - Friday, 3rd - 7th September, Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm.
Cost: €450/€420 (members). Spaces are limited so early booking is advised.

This is a five-day course for those who either want to start a novel, advance a novel, or finish a novel.  The course will be highly structured. Each morning will start with an informal presentation by the tutor, Carlo Gébler. This is based on a novel that the tutor admires.

After the informal presentation participants will be expected to talk about the work they wish to write or to read from work they have written. In order to facilitate this, participants must bring to the course either, if they are beginners, a description of the novel they want to write and a summary of its plot, or, if they are more advanced practitioners, as much of the manuscript as they have written.  The talks and/or readings will be followed by a discussion, led by the tutor, about what has been read aloud.  In the afternoon guest writers will give a talk on novel writing or an aspect of novel writing and, if time allows for it, will give a critique of a students work.

At the end of five days participants should have a better sense than when they started of the book they want to write and how to set about starting it, advancing it or finishing it.

More information on the Irish Writers Centre website.

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