Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bruno - Navan Cinema

An interruption in the Trip to Sligo to bring breaking news:

It's the silly season isn't it, so nothing much to report on, just slashing cuts on public service proposed, a plane crash here or there, a flu epidemic on the way, small war in large country far away - so the papers and internet are full of a recorded message in Navan Diamond Cinema which warns potential customers about the film Bruno. The Irish Independent has it here, the Mirror here, the Telegraph here and there's probably lots more. The message is here on YouTube.

The message is by Paul Egan, one of the Boyne Writers Group members, who played a major part in our satire victory at the Trim Swift Festival recently. His political satire piece imagined Brian Cowen and Noel Dempsey trying to pick a Mary to be the next President of Ireland (You have to be a Mary) and considering the claims of rival Marys. Mary O'Rourke made an unwelcome appearance in the piece. Noel Dempsey was in the audience and seemed to really enjoy it or it that just what politicians have to pretend to do!

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