Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hip Hop Poetry for Wedding

Wedding on Monday, son Oisin married Carol. Great day, fine weather, great collection of relations and friends including some past pupils. Reception at Kilmessan Station House Hotel, lovely venue. Picture: Oisin and Carol arrive in style.

I had to give a speech of course. Oisin's Masters dissertation was called “The Poet, the Politician and the Playa – Notions of Self and role in Hip-Hop Poetry” so instead of quoting standard love poetry or using one of those wedding jokes from the internet I decided to use a Hip Hop quotation. Not easy to find a one on the subject of love and marriage suitable for a family occasion.

Finally took this extract, slightly amended, from One Chance (Make It Good) by Snoop Dogg from the album Ego Trippin’

If you like her, wife her
If you love her, smother her
With that stuff that'll make her feel the same way
And pull that ring out on the same day
with the horse and the carriage
You gonna lose if you scared of marriage
You gotta have a foundation
You need somebody in your life with patience.

It went down well I think mostly because of the image of this oldish balding chap in hired wedding suit and waistcoat reciting hip hop lyrics!

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BarbaraS said...

One thing about you Michael, you're never afraid to try something totally unique to the event! I bet it went down very well indeed. And don't they look marvelous in their open top car :) Aw, reminds me of our wedding - not that long ago...