Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boyne Berries 6 on the Way

Most of the hard work has been done for the autumn issue of our magazine Boyne Berries. The submissions have been read and those chosen to be included in this issue and the next have been informed. Those whose submissions have not been accepted have also been informed. This is the most difficult part. They are told of the large number of submissions and asked not to let this rejection prevent them from submitting again.

I arrange all the material in the magazine, prepare the bios and the contents list and produce a pdf file for the printers, ePrint, Blanchardstown. The first proof has been returned and checked. I dread making some terrible error or omission. This should be unlikely since most of the submissions arrived by email as digital files and are cut and pasted into the magazine. We (I actually) sometimes make mistakes but these are usually small misprints and more likely to occur in the biographies. "Small misprints" in the body of a piece can make a huge difference and be very embarrassing.

The cover image this time is of the church at Ardmore, Co Waterford and is the second in a series by our cover imagist Greg. Last issue has an image from the church at Tara on the cover.

The launch is provisionally fixed for Thursday September 24th in Trim. This should be confirmed in the next few days. As usual all the contributors will be invited to come and read. We usually have 14 - 18 readers on the night. The contributor from New Zealand has already email an excuse for not being able to attend!

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